Monday, October 23, 2006

November 2 Electro Dreampop Fixation

I know we said our last show was the show of the century, but that was for Fresno. This show with our Oregon friends The Fast Computers is the show of the century for Bakersfield. Dalloways and TFC's go electro dreampop. Hear it ... see it ... dream it ... don't miss it!

Visit The Dalloways Tour Page for specs.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Great Date Music!

October 20th, the band perform in the big electro dreampop fixation extravaganza at The Starline. The show featured Blake Jones and the Trike Shop and newcomers Poplord. Blake and the fellows were in true form--the Theremin wept joyously under the gentle coaxing of Blake's hands. This is sixties Brian Wilson inspired avant garde at its best. And Poplord is the next sleeper hit of Fresno--two guys with a big pop sound that fit great with Jones and the gang.

Fresno indie band Rademacher was to play as well, but apparently the drummer was so ill that he could not get up from bed, and so the band proper backed out a few hours before the show. Malcolm the lead singer at least made an appearance and played a solo set with a classical guitar. He finished with a Leonard Cohen cover.

Highlight? A fan named Nick came up to me and told me the best date of his life was at a Dalloways show. So put this down: The Dalloways are great date music!

The next day we headed over to the Yoshi Now! fleamarket where our good friend Eli's high energy rockabilly band The Jump Backs performed.

As Cortnie and I drove back down Highway 99 to Bakersfield, suddendly the sky lit up in a blaze of fireworks just for us. This truly happened, and we can't explain it, but it was some kind of secular blessing. At least, we choose to believe it. Drivers pulled off the freeway to watch the spectacle.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dalloways, Blake Jones, Rademacher, and Poplord

Friday, October 20th at The Starline in Fresno, The Dalloways emerge from the dark cave of their studio to offer a sneak listen to some of the new tunes.

This is the show of the century! The Dalloways go disco, Rademacher radiates, Poplord pops, and Blake Jones and the Trike Shop ride an avant garde wave! Hear it . . . and believe!

Visit the Dalloways Tour Page for more information.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stop Hangin Around with Nightbirds

I'm up late after a good weekend of recording and British car driving. Curious? I just blogged and slide show'd about the British Car Roundup where my little '69 MGB GT Coupe fit in nicely.

And now, into Dalloways related news:

Early Monday morning before work proper, we recorded two more vocal tracks with the magical Neumann golden mic at Royal Dutch. Here's a little bit about the songs:

"Nightbird" - This one's got a sway and groove reminiscent of Burt Bacharach and Prefab Sprout, if that makes sense. Two lovers simply need to be together, despite the fact that they'd like to kill each other. Favorite line? "Punch me, punch me, punch me / Storm the tower for me / 'Cause black looks good on you / I'll let you in."

"Stop Hangin' Around" - This narrator loves his friend - really, he does. He'd do anything for this fellow. It's just that he's sick of him hanging around all the time! Favorite line? "Even if God asked me / There is hardly any / Means to despise you."

Love you!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Getting Pitchy with Love You Regardless

Today we had some mixed success in the vox booth at Royal Dutch. We started the session planning to lay down lead vocal tracks for four songs, but by the time I finished the first, my voice was pretty much done for the day. I've found that it's best to listen to the voice, so we packed it up.

But we got one vocal track down tight! Here's the story on the song.

"Love You Regardless" - This sexy Beatles-esque (70's era) groove has existed for several months with no lyrics but the chorus Cortnie had thought up -- the recurring "I love you regardless" refrain. I layed down scratch acoustic guitar several months ago, and then we added drums and bass, but still no lyrics. So I sat down last Wednesday, determined to crank the thing out. So what's it about? It's a meeting between two old loves reminiscing about how things were and how things are now. Despite all the differences, she loves him regardless. Favorite line? "Put girl to your natural state / 'S like breathing on the moon"

Cortnie is pretending to sing in this pic. Her tracks come later, but she thought the vocal booth looked cozy inside.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Cramming to Write a Song

Whoa! We've been busily working away at the latest album, The Distant Fairs. This week, I found myself facing down a lead vocal session on a song with no set lyrics.

So I burnt the oil, typed away, worked and worked and tap tapped the keys till late Sunday night until I finished the thing! Here's a hint of what it's about:

"JoSaie" - about a vapid hipster teen Portuguese movie idol named JoSaie who loses himself in the role of his life. He surrounds himself with Shrimptoneque hangers-on and loses touch of the reality that made him. Hmm. Profound, aint it? Really, it's just a rocker.

So early this morning, before my day job began, I headed into the studio to lay down the track. It was rough going. The songs that initially seem like they'd be easiest to record end up being the most difficult. I think this is because of drawn out notes that on the surface seem simple. They are far from simple. That longer the note, the easier it is to get pitchy.

In the end, we finished with two solid takes and some good harmony ideas.

Side Note: Sunday night, Cortnie and I hit the Kern County Fair with free passes, courtesy of our friend NL. Cinammon rolls and deep friend Twinkies, yes yes yes!