Sunday, February 15, 2009

Babes in Tuneland

Hello, Everyone!

The Dalloways have been majorly biz turning out babies and new tunes. Seriously. With Ricky's daughter, Aaron's daughter, and our twin boys (soon to arrive this May) we're working on putting the junior varsity band line-up together.

We currently have eight new songs almost done as well as a bad-ass remix. We're hopeful for a new full album release, Distant Fairs, sometime this summer. Or maybe fall. Ok, at least by the end of 2009.

Ciao for now!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Costa Rica

Half of The Dalloways are in Costa Rica, surfing and drinking on the beaches of Nicoya. Is this a band business trip? Why not! We all need inspiration, so why not get inspired on a Central American beach?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New T's Designed by Cortnie Cleary

Do you want to be the coolest kid on the beach this summer? Or do you just want to express your unconditional love for someone? Pick up the new “I Love You Regardless” t-shirts for guys and gals designed by none other than keyboardist/designer Cortnie “Hot Stuff” Cleary.

Available in The Dalloways Shop!

The illustrative design is printed on the highest quality Alternative Apparel T-shirts. Women can choose between "destroyed" vintage black with antique white lettering and slate gray with turquoise lettering. Men can choose between navy with sky blue lettering and chocolate brown with antique white lettering. Super soft cotton T's, super stylish cuts, super Cleary design!

All proceeds benefit future Dalloways indie recordings, so thanks for your support of smart cultcha and music!


Gerhard, Cortnie, Bluff, Aaron, Ricky

Sunday, March 02, 2008

March 20 Gypsy Cab Added!

We've just added the fantastic beautiful slowcore Fresnans Gypsy Cab to the Thursday, March 20 Line-up! Don't miss this one - beautiful guitars, synths, and times.

Hosted By:
The Dalloways
When: 20/03/2008
Where: Club Fred / Audie's Olympic
1426 N. Van Ness Ave.
Fresno, California|5 93728
United States
Description: The Dalloways, Gypsy Cab, and Loquat from SF! Organic meets Electronic.

Visit Gypsy Cab and Loquat on myspace.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dalloways and Loquat March 20

SF organic-meets-electric popsters Loquat will join The Dalloways at Club Fred March 20. The band has shared the stage with The Cardigans and Evan Dando. Visit Loquat on Myspace, make friends, and come out to the show to meet them.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why We Love You

Much to my dismay, while eating Taco Bell after our Friday, February 15 CD Release Party at Starline, I realized I hadn’t thanked a few of our great friends that had helped make the show such a success. So here ‘tis.

LOVE and PROPS to these fabulous Fresno media members:

1. Mike Osegueda of the Fresno Bee for his great article entitled “Familiar Faces Return.”

2. Mikey and the Fresno cultcha aficionados at The Dorktown Podcast for featuring an interview with The Dalloways on their latest episode

3. KFSR 90.7 for hosting our bass player on a segment before the show and playing some of our new tunes.

4. Fresno Famous for their fab calendar

And THREE CHEERS to our fabulous Dalloways Crew:

1. Jessica Moncrief, bold and fearless photographer extraordinaire, who does whatever it takes to get the shot, Annie Liebowitz style! (The photo in this blog is by JM!) Watch for her shots to be featured in a special Dalloways photo album and on soon.

2. Becky (a.k.a. Seamonkey for the additional awesome photo work. We will be featuring her shots as well.

3. JT and Ashley for their video engineering skills. Congratulations on their wedding … the morning of our show!

4. Chris Brown and Orion for rockin' the merch and the newsletter. We've never seen such an ambitious duo. And they look great in our new T's as well!

5. Brian Gard for the audio engineering.

And MERCI MERCI MERCI to the honorary Dalloways of the night:

1. Paul Meadors (a.k.a. Art Farkas, author of the hilarious Letters to Ebay and former 1st chair trumpeter from my high school days) for his beautiful flugelhorn playing.

2. Rachel Roelke for her fabulous, soulful backing vocals.

And GRACIAS to the most fabulous venue in town!

1. Mike and The Starline for hosting this event.

2. The bartenders and wait staff for being so kind.

3. Ray for rockin’ the sound board.

And LOVE to the bands!

1. The fab folksy Aspen Hollow for getting the word out and bringing the peeps and playing their beautiful subtle pop.

2. The Sleepover Disaster who always bring the goods (Good luck to them at South by Southwest!)

And lastly and most importantly ...

Many thanks to all the folks who came out to see the bands and add to the great atmosphere of the night.

If you happened to miss the show, you can pick up our new EP in CD or MP3 format from CDBaby. We will also be listing the new “I Love You Regardless” T’s for sale in our online store. The T design was created by The Dalloways’ own resident artist/keyboarist Cortnie Cleary, and I’m not lying when I say they are the cutest band T-shirts ever.

We hope to see you at our next show!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dalloways: Young Americans and Downtown Shootings

The Feb 9 CD Release at Sandrini's in Bakersfield was huge! We couldn't have asked for more. Started off with our good friends The Sleepover Disaster and their beautiful shoegaze sounds - silky reverb guitar swells reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. Then The Filthies, our Bakersfield punk heroes. These guys get a mosh of happy fans rabidly dancing every time we see them live. They brought the sound and their fans in droves to this show, so we owe them lots of props.

We put together an all-star band for a few numbers. Included Matt Munoz, Mento Buru founding member on sax, Melissa of Near Miss Mallet and Cheri of Mystic Red as backing soul gals. Earlier that day put the finishing touches on Bowie's "Young Americans." This was the most fun The Dalloways have ever had with a cover song. It's been a personal dream to play in an 8 plus member band - dream come true! Check out the cool Dalloways Mini Documentary: Young Americans on YouTube.

Hectic Films debuted the new Dalloways "Dirty Money and Filthy Love" video, a moody film noir styled piece featuring the title song of our latest EP. Check it out on YouTube and leave some praise for these local guerrilla style movie makers who are taking their low-budget meets high quality craft a step up with every new feature.

So there was a shooting down the street shortly after our last number - some nutcase in The Syndicate angry that he was cut off pulled out a gun and started shooting indiscriminantly in the bar and then ran off. The entire street was locked down, and we wer stuck with some concerned people in Sandrini's for awhile. It's too bad when things like this happen downtown. These isolated incidents build up in people's minds and really hurt the scene. But those of us who know the place intimately will continue to support. Downtown is the cultural, art, and music hub of this city - ground zero - and this isn't going to change. I think it's because creative people naturally gravitate to the close, urban feel, the sense of togetherness, the great cafe meeting places and and music venues. It's our local cultural ground zero!

More props go the Bakersfield media and bloggers who stepped up and covered the local music scene like I've never seen.
Thanks to the mad/wonderful music fans and media for helping make this show rock!