Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dalloways: Young Americans and Downtown Shootings

The Feb 9 CD Release at Sandrini's in Bakersfield was huge! We couldn't have asked for more. Started off with our good friends The Sleepover Disaster and their beautiful shoegaze sounds - silky reverb guitar swells reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. Then The Filthies, our Bakersfield punk heroes. These guys get a mosh of happy fans rabidly dancing every time we see them live. They brought the sound and their fans in droves to this show, so we owe them lots of props.

We put together an all-star band for a few numbers. Included Matt Munoz, Mento Buru founding member on sax, Melissa of Near Miss Mallet and Cheri of Mystic Red as backing soul gals. Earlier that day put the finishing touches on Bowie's "Young Americans." This was the most fun The Dalloways have ever had with a cover song. It's been a personal dream to play in an 8 plus member band - dream come true! Check out the cool Dalloways Mini Documentary: Young Americans on YouTube.

Hectic Films debuted the new Dalloways "Dirty Money and Filthy Love" video, a moody film noir styled piece featuring the title song of our latest EP. Check it out on YouTube and leave some praise for these local guerrilla style movie makers who are taking their low-budget meets high quality craft a step up with every new feature.

So there was a shooting down the street shortly after our last number - some nutcase in The Syndicate angry that he was cut off pulled out a gun and started shooting indiscriminantly in the bar and then ran off. The entire street was locked down, and we wer stuck with some concerned people in Sandrini's for awhile. It's too bad when things like this happen downtown. These isolated incidents build up in people's minds and really hurt the scene. But those of us who know the place intimately will continue to support. Downtown is the cultural, art, and music hub of this city - ground zero - and this isn't going to change. I think it's because creative people naturally gravitate to the close, urban feel, the sense of togetherness, the great cafe meeting places and and music venues. It's our local cultural ground zero!

More props go the Bakersfield media and bloggers who stepped up and covered the local music scene like I've never seen.
Thanks to the mad/wonderful music fans and media for helping make this show rock!

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