Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thursday, May 26: Pullman - College Town

Played at Grande Avenue Bar, where friendliness makes up for stark lighting and lack of ambiance. This was a last minute show. We had a day between the Boise and Spokane gigs, and Pullman was along the way.

Met a few cool folks in this college town that took a genuine interest--although the majority of kids had already checked out of this college town for the summer. It's good to know that some cool Pullman folks are wearing Dalloways t-shirts and listening to Dalloways CD's.

Played to an attentive crowd, sold some merch, played free pool, and stayed at the nicest Holiday Inn Express we've ever seen--heated pool, jacuzzi, massive continental breakfast, free internet access. Priceline's the bomb.

Wednesday, May 25: Boise - Fight Club and a Santana Grammy Award, Plus Neurolux Highs

What a place! Boise is a highlight of the tour. It's clean--Disneyland clean, really. The downtown's thriving. The people were fantastic--very friendly!

The Neurolux is a large and very dark club downtown that has most of its shows on Wednesday. So what made this show special? We met som fantastic myspace friends Greer and Chris, who drove out from Parma to see us. We also had a fan fly out from Indiana just to see the show. Just about the most enthusiastic fan The Dalloways have ever had. Boise just seemed happy to have us in town. We got some write-ups and pics in the local entertainment mags, so folks were expecting us. The place was packed with music fans. How 'bout the practicals? We made enough to cover gas and hotel. Hey, we're not Kings of Convenience. To a travelling indie band, even a pittance helps cut travel costs nicely!

And get this: after the show, at about two o'clock in the morning, we drove up the hill to Art Hodge's beautiful house overlooking a nature preserve to record a live set in his basement studio. Hodge's Grammy for the Santana sat, unassuming, on a shelf with other nick-nacks and books. Nico and I recorded in the laundry room, while the other guys were in the main studio. Art fed us cookies and drinks between songs. The set aired as a special on Hodge's well-known Idaho radio show Sunday, May 29.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tuesday, May 24: SLC - SLC Punk? Where's the Scene Now?

Welcome to the hard world of the touring unsigned band. If you've never gone on tour, then this'll be new to you. Touring bands who aren't yet well known have a difficult time getting people out in a strange new town. Nobody's heard your stuff, so why would they come see you? Good pr and a good promoter both help. But usually it's best to get nestled onto a ticket before a local likeminded band. That way you're sure to meet a lot of their fans who will most likely dig your stuff.

It's usually a bad scenario for an out-of-town band to close out an evening. So I was pensive when locals The Happies insisted on playing first. They set up, then started at ten and proceeded to play their upbeat set of originals for about an hour--pretty long. Then, they took a long time tearing down their gear. Crickets were chirping, locals were leaving. By the time we got our gear set up and sound checked, their crowd was long gone. We played a room of four, with about five more people in the removed bar area. Came a long way for this...

On the positive side, we saw stunning scenery on the drive through Grand Junction, Colorado and then Utah--that prehistoric-looking state with grand crumbling mesas as far as the eye can see. Bronson, known as Professor Crumb (our relief bass player for the tour) enlightened us on the wonderful world of ghouda cheeses. We got in some fancy skateboarding (we've got three boards on tour) and Nerf football playing at the truck stops along the way. And the Dalloways are toughening up and insisting on a few things from here on out.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Monday, May 23: Denver - Scatology and a Guy Named Denver in Denver

Ate at Streets of London Pub because Bronson needed a Shepherd's Pie fix. Ate bangers and s. pie and drank Beamish stout and played pool befor the gig.

Change into our show clothes in van in front of Cricket on the Hill in Denver, a crazy cool dive on Capitol Hill--the coolest neighborhood in Denver.

Solo guitarist and song writer Jared Steinberg opens, and Holiday Hotel, a new band putting things together in an Americana kinda thing closes.

Each band gets berated by this crazy Denver cowboy named Denver in a black cowboy hat and rider's trench. After the show, I have to interrupt this guys convo with the big, tattooed gruff door guy in order to get the door money, and Denver lays into me. "Hey, I'm trying to have a f***ing philosophical conversation here, you f***ing c**k sucker! Do you mind?"

I apologize and make nice, try to meet the guy, but he has nothing of it. He keeps it up, with some choice scatalogical lines. Denver, thanks for the f***ing hospitality, man!

Band makes some door money and sells some merch, despite the fact this it's a Monday show. Jared S, Holiday Hotel, Sheigh, the bartender, and fans were wayyyy cool. Denver, hopefully we'll see you again soon.

Sunday, May 22: Albuquerque - Downtime and Ricky as Sith Lord

Band has no gig, so spend the night in Albuquerque, a great halfway spot between Phoenix and Denver. Check into the Red Roof off the freeway, then head out for an evening with the Sith Lords. Ricky dresses up as a sith Lord to get in free. Scares a young child buying candy.

All in agreement--Lucas can't direct actors, Natalie Portman looks ugly when she's supposed to look beautiful in the moonlight, she wears a mini-skirt travel outfit when she's pregnant (why?) and the movie is definitely the best of the three latest.

Saturday, May 21: Phoenix - Get Fix at Phix

Travel through the ghettos of Phoenix, burning up in the May heat of the desert.

Arrive at Zia Records in the afternoon for an in-store. Hip hop tracks are playing, and native Phoenixians are milling about at the hip hop stations.

Set up on stage and play to a few folks and the staff, who clap intermitantly. We treat this as a practice chance and way to break in Bronson, who's filling in on bass for Matt for the tour.

That night, arrive at Phix in the depressed downtown Phoenix area. The Phix is a stripped out industrial space with the raw rafters showing and some drywall pressed up against the wall here and there.

First band was a screamo thrash metal band with some young kids twirling their hair around and a lead singer crouching down, screaming into the mic like it was some kind of secret delicacy. They end with Michael Jackson's smooth criminal and then leave with all their teenage fanbase, leaving about ten folks for us to play to.

We meet some more myspace friends for the first time after the gig. How cool is it to finally meet folks who have been so good to us with tips and advice.

Band makes about $50 at the door and sell NO MERCH! Ouch. This is not a merch town. That makes it tough for a touring indiw band that relies heavily on merch income. Good thing we're up from Las Vegas.

Friday, May 20: Las Vegas - Drummer and Guitarist Double Band Fund at Crap Tables

Arrived at The Aristocrat, an ultra hip little lounge in a neighborhood about a mile or two off the strip. Very cool people started showing up at about 10:30, right before our set. Several myspace friends showed up to meet us in person. Play a 40 minute set off our album--the lounge atmosphere is a perfect vibe for the tunes. Peeps are kicking back, sitting at the bar, relaxing and enjoying the tunes. What a great little gig this was! The band made some bank via cover donations and grip of merch sales.

Checked into the Luxor--that ancient Egyptian place with the pyramid in the middle of everything--satin bed covers and complimentary drinks.

Ricky and Aaron take off down to the crap tables with the band's tour cash and quickly double it. They keep gambling, winning and losing till 7:00 AM. They slouch back into the room a little after 7:00, with $200 extra for the band and $300 for themselves. Now it's time for the high life!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

From SLC, with Love...

Dear Fans and Friends,

I'm sitting in the Salt Lake City writing madly before I'm kicked off my 30 minute session. The tour is going splendidly. Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Denver were great shows, the most fantastic so far being Las Vegas. We played at a smooth little lounge where all the hip people go after hours. The place was packed with recent Myspace friends and new friends. Our dreamlounge style seemed to fit the place to a T. At the bar were built in bar slot poker machines, and before and after our set, DJ's spinned ecclectic tunes including Sam and Dave to Chemical Brothers.

Today we're off to Boise, Idaho, to play at Neurolux, made famouse by hometown boys who made it--Built to Spill. More when we can...


Gerhard and the rest of The Dalloways

Monday, May 16, 2005

May & June! Northwest by West Tour


Fresno, California – May 13, 2005 – California dreampop. Is there such a thing? Attend a Dalloways tour date, and you’ll have your answer. With button ups and silk ties, pretty vintage guitar tones, and an ambient pop sound akin to Coldplay and Belle and Sebastian, The Dalloways offer up a decidedly cosmopolitan alternative to the indie music scene.

Things are looking up for this talented California quintet. “Penalty Crusade,” the latest LP released on Bird in Box Records, has consistently ranked at the top of the CD Baby editor’s picks for California Pop and Brit Pop. The band has secured Japanese distribution at Tower Records and HMV stores overseas and is embarking on a West by Northwest leg of a larger U.S. tour.

According to the band, the CD is the kind that gets better with each passing listen. “Brit pop fans and audiophiles will love this album,” says Gerhard Enns, singer and songwriter. “We’ve inlayed these subtle touches that develop the more one listens. Our goal was to create songs that get better with age.”

So what can one expect at a Dalloways show? “This isn’t Good Charlotte or Taking Back Sunday,” Enns says. “We’ve got a shoegaze, Brit pop influence, more Flaming Lips, more Smiths. And live that really shines through. We want folks to relax and enjoy the beauty. Hopefully the next morning they’ll be humming one of our tunes, wondering how it got into their heads.”

The Dalloways are making Las Vegas their first main tour stop. After Nevada, the group will continue on a fairly demanding schedule of the West and Northwest, with stops including, among other cities, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Portland.

For show information and directions, visit the Dalloways Tour Page or call 661-331-5000. And check back here often; The Dalloways will be posting tour updates when circumstance permits!



“[The Dalloways] reach for Brit Pop and manage to find the sweet ether where California coolness ends and the emotional reverb of '80s British rockers begins.” – Danielle Belton for “Spin Zone Music Reviews.” (The Bakersfield Californian 6 Jan 2005, sec. Eye Street: E7.)

"Like a casually gorgeous waitress serving Sunday afternoon coffee, The Dalloways serve up pretty California dream-pop like a delicacy on Penalty Crusade." –
Billy Gil for Splendid

“The musical arrangements are rich and are so beautifully put together that I hear something new every time I listen. I highly recommend [Penalty Crusade].” –
Jesse Rivera for Planet of Sound

“Gerhard Enns’ ability to talk about relationships in a song like he’s talking about your own horrid pitfalls is purely magical.” -
N. L. Belardes for Skeleton Head Reviews