Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday, May 20: Las Vegas - Drummer and Guitarist Double Band Fund at Crap Tables

Arrived at The Aristocrat, an ultra hip little lounge in a neighborhood about a mile or two off the strip. Very cool people started showing up at about 10:30, right before our set. Several myspace friends showed up to meet us in person. Play a 40 minute set off our album--the lounge atmosphere is a perfect vibe for the tunes. Peeps are kicking back, sitting at the bar, relaxing and enjoying the tunes. What a great little gig this was! The band made some bank via cover donations and grip of merch sales.

Checked into the Luxor--that ancient Egyptian place with the pyramid in the middle of everything--satin bed covers and complimentary drinks.

Ricky and Aaron take off down to the crap tables with the band's tour cash and quickly double it. They keep gambling, winning and losing till 7:00 AM. They slouch back into the room a little after 7:00, with $200 extra for the band and $300 for themselves. Now it's time for the high life!

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