Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wednesday, May 25: Boise - Fight Club and a Santana Grammy Award, Plus Neurolux Highs

What a place! Boise is a highlight of the tour. It's clean--Disneyland clean, really. The downtown's thriving. The people were fantastic--very friendly!

The Neurolux is a large and very dark club downtown that has most of its shows on Wednesday. So what made this show special? We met som fantastic myspace friends Greer and Chris, who drove out from Parma to see us. We also had a fan fly out from Indiana just to see the show. Just about the most enthusiastic fan The Dalloways have ever had. Boise just seemed happy to have us in town. We got some write-ups and pics in the local entertainment mags, so folks were expecting us. The place was packed with music fans. How 'bout the practicals? We made enough to cover gas and hotel. Hey, we're not Kings of Convenience. To a travelling indie band, even a pittance helps cut travel costs nicely!

And get this: after the show, at about two o'clock in the morning, we drove up the hill to Art Hodge's beautiful house overlooking a nature preserve to record a live set in his basement studio. Hodge's Grammy for the Santana sat, unassuming, on a shelf with other nick-nacks and books. Nico and I recorded in the laundry room, while the other guys were in the main studio. Art fed us cookies and drinks between songs. The set aired as a special on Hodge's well-known Idaho radio show Sunday, May 29.


Anonymous said...

The Dalloways are a real band that can play live! It was a treat to record them, and Aaron always likes playing my drumkit!

I uploaded an archive of the live in studio set to this page:


It's a hefty 125mb stereo mp3 file at 320kbps but it's an hourlong show; I encourage downloads so have at it!

I must correct you, however, the Grammy is from Santana, but all the same, thanks so much for the props, and ROCK ON!

Nick Belardes said...

whoah... I must write a blog about this great bit of Dalloways history-making... go Idaho! (except the lousy hockey steelheads)

G. S. Enns said...

Thanks for the interest, NL. This was a fantastic little session with an ultra-talented producer and super gracious host. The Dalloways are honored to have this session under our belts.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the live set at Art's studio:

at Bakedspud Studio May 26, 2005