Monday, May 16, 2005

May & June! Northwest by West Tour


Fresno, California – May 13, 2005 – California dreampop. Is there such a thing? Attend a Dalloways tour date, and you’ll have your answer. With button ups and silk ties, pretty vintage guitar tones, and an ambient pop sound akin to Coldplay and Belle and Sebastian, The Dalloways offer up a decidedly cosmopolitan alternative to the indie music scene.

Things are looking up for this talented California quintet. “Penalty Crusade,” the latest LP released on Bird in Box Records, has consistently ranked at the top of the CD Baby editor’s picks for California Pop and Brit Pop. The band has secured Japanese distribution at Tower Records and HMV stores overseas and is embarking on a West by Northwest leg of a larger U.S. tour.

According to the band, the CD is the kind that gets better with each passing listen. “Brit pop fans and audiophiles will love this album,” says Gerhard Enns, singer and songwriter. “We’ve inlayed these subtle touches that develop the more one listens. Our goal was to create songs that get better with age.”

So what can one expect at a Dalloways show? “This isn’t Good Charlotte or Taking Back Sunday,” Enns says. “We’ve got a shoegaze, Brit pop influence, more Flaming Lips, more Smiths. And live that really shines through. We want folks to relax and enjoy the beauty. Hopefully the next morning they’ll be humming one of our tunes, wondering how it got into their heads.”

The Dalloways are making Las Vegas their first main tour stop. After Nevada, the group will continue on a fairly demanding schedule of the West and Northwest, with stops including, among other cities, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Portland.

For show information and directions, visit the Dalloways Tour Page or call 661-331-5000. And check back here often; The Dalloways will be posting tour updates when circumstance permits!



“[The Dalloways] reach for Brit Pop and manage to find the sweet ether where California coolness ends and the emotional reverb of '80s British rockers begins.” – Danielle Belton for “Spin Zone Music Reviews.” (The Bakersfield Californian 6 Jan 2005, sec. Eye Street: E7.)

"Like a casually gorgeous waitress serving Sunday afternoon coffee, The Dalloways serve up pretty California dream-pop like a delicacy on Penalty Crusade." –
Billy Gil for Splendid

“The musical arrangements are rich and are so beautifully put together that I hear something new every time I listen. I highly recommend [Penalty Crusade].” –
Jesse Rivera for Planet of Sound

“Gerhard Enns’ ability to talk about relationships in a song like he’s talking about your own horrid pitfalls is purely magical.” -
N. L. Belardes for Skeleton Head Reviews


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