Thursday, November 17, 2005

Beautiful South, Please Travel West!

Remember The Beautiful South? Northern Soul practitioners, child of The Housemartins? You know, "36D"... Last time we saw these Northerners in our part of the world was 2000 at the Warfield in San Francisco. It was the happiest, most positive crowd of young and old hipster music lovers I'd ever seen, and the show had a fantastic vibe, despite the fact that singer Jacqueline Abbott didn't make the tour. That was too long ago. So why such a long time gone? I'm sure a Beautiful South California visit could pay for itself.

Of course, the band has seen much more success on their home turf, but we're hoping they'll consider a U.S. tour for their tenth studio album currently in the works. This one will follow 2004's CD Golddiggas Headnodders & Pholk Songs, a limited edition U.K. collection of cover songs dear to the hearts of the band. The new album will be produced by Ian Stanley, who has worked with Tears for Fears, Pretenders, and, much more.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Dalloways a-Blur by Mattias Thorslund

Thanks to photographer Mattias Thorslund for posting this killer "blur-ish" fifteen second exposure shot of The Dalloways performing at Club Fred October 29.

You didn't' make the show? The Dalloways sported new rockin'' tunes and all new Halloween wigs. Blake Jones and The Trike Shop rounded out the night with their infectious California pop.

Sadly, Club Fred has seen better days. I hope this Fresno music institution will get its act together and live up to its reputation as one of Fresno's finest venues. One can hope!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Methamphetamines and Dead Mathematicians

The Dalloways are up to new music again, with a new album in sight. Lyrical themes to include methamphetamine abuse, brilliant but dead mathematicians, coffee liqueurs, graffiti and subway posters, love, getting dumped, rural punk rock kings, and more.

We're taking our time and are constantly writing new material. Currently, we're looking at February 2006 for a new release. Check back for more info.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Belle and Sebastian Touring Again

Looks like Belle and Sebastian are at it again, but no 2006 US tour dates to speak of yet.

The world tour should be posted soon, however, and California should be prominant in the mix. Here's where you'll find the Belle and Sebastian 2006 U. S. tour dates as soon as they're posted.

It would be nice to see them in an intimate setting, but being as they're international indie superstars, that may be an impossibility. Coachella? Mmm... no thanks. I think I'll stay home and watch a B & S Live DVD instead.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

N. L. Revealed, Lords Released


Yesterday afternoon, Nico and I joined Norfolk, The Filthies, Fatt Katt and the Von Zippers, Nunez, and Mento Buru at Lengthwise Brewery for the Official Lords: Part I Book Release Party. This show was a grand success and a groundbreaker unplugged session for Bakersfield musicians. Lengthwise was packed with happy people eating fried twinkies and French fries, drinking good beer, and purchasing copies of N. L. Belardes' new Bakersfield-grown novel. I noticed many artists and musicians in the crowd, including bloggers of Ill News, Matilda Kay, Three Chord Whore, and Art Speak.

We had some difficulty hearing ourselves through the monitors but seemed to pull off a short set of new tunes without a hitch. Usually we're feeling pretty confident in front of a crowd, but without the other guys to back us up, honestly, we were feeling a bit tentative and nervous, two folks sitting in a fish bowl. This was definitely good practice for us and a very good reason to work out some new tunes. Rumor has it there'll be a Buck City Podcast of the event up soon.

The most revealing part of the night occurred when Belardes himself joined Mento Buru front and center and shook a set of hollow-gourd maracas. Was his dream finally coming true that moment on stage? To become the frontman maraca shaker of a Latin ska band? Is there a future for him in the maraca shaking field? If last night is our preview, we may just see Belardes taking up a new career path. "More maraca! More maraca!"

Thursday, November 03, 2005

November 5: New Tunes and Lords

G will be playing a few solo tunes acoustically Saturday, November 5 @ Lengthwise Brewery for N. L. Belardes' Lords: Part I OFFICIAL BOOK RELEASE PARTY. Expect some new tunes plus an ole' standard or two from Penalty Crusade.

4:00 PM. Address: 6720 Schirra Court, Bakersfield, CA 93313. Tel: 661-836-ALES.

UPDATE: Notice the time slot change. We're now going on at 4:00 PM, which means N will be able to join on stage.