Thursday, November 17, 2005

Beautiful South, Please Travel West!

Remember The Beautiful South? Northern Soul practitioners, child of The Housemartins? You know, "36D"... Last time we saw these Northerners in our part of the world was 2000 at the Warfield in San Francisco. It was the happiest, most positive crowd of young and old hipster music lovers I'd ever seen, and the show had a fantastic vibe, despite the fact that singer Jacqueline Abbott didn't make the tour. That was too long ago. So why such a long time gone? I'm sure a Beautiful South California visit could pay for itself.

Of course, the band has seen much more success on their home turf, but we're hoping they'll consider a U.S. tour for their tenth studio album currently in the works. This one will follow 2004's CD Golddiggas Headnodders & Pholk Songs, a limited edition U.K. collection of cover songs dear to the hearts of the band. The new album will be produced by Ian Stanley, who has worked with Tears for Fears, Pretenders, and, much more.


Christine said...

Oh please come east too Paul Heaton! I've had tickets to see them twice and missed both shows (in Toronto) - once I left the tickets back in Buffalo and the next time, I had to start a brand new job on the very night they were playing. Am I doomed to never hear his perfect voice sing A Song For Whoever to me?

G. S. Enns said...

It's hard, hard when a respectable, even reveared, Brit band can't make a decent buck in the states.