Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Dalloways Tunes

Through the summer I wrote a ton of new tunes, so the band is moving forward with a new demo and album. I wrote all the songs with either acoustic guitar or keyboard/synth and recorded scratches to click tracks. I'm really very happy with the progress. The new songs all seem so different from each other but with some kind of common element of style I can't quite put my finger on. It's those post-punk influences, I think, with some Bacharach, bossa nova, and Gilbert O'Sullivan peeking in. Nico and I are feeling akin to the Montreal movement in particular right now. You can hear some rough scratch tracks of two of the tunes on the Buck City Podcast Episode 5--just Nico and I on acoustic and synth to a click. It's how the magic starts.

As far as touring, our schedule is wide open right now due to songwriting, recording, and other prep work for the new tunes. School has started as well! I'm working on some Oct/Nov dates for 2005, and then our fabulous booking agent will be taking over everything in 2006! We hope to see you all soon.

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