Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dalloways Hit the Airwaves

The Dallowys are hitting the airwaves at college and core stations around the states. Here are only a few of the highlights of this week's reports from Planetary Group. Call your local station now and request a song from Penalty Crusade!


CO Boulder KVCU-1/KUCB-1: 16 spins this week! huge!
OR McMinnville KSLC: solid, great!
CA Sacramento KSSU: this is f*cking awesome!!
OH Liberty Township WLHS: debutsville!
NY Alfred WALF: this will make a debut!
NY Schenectady WRUC: doing well.
NY New York WSVA: it will be debut this week.
PA Scranton WVMW: solid.
NY Ithaca 106 VIC: really liked it.
MI Allendale WCKS: doing well.
MA W. Barnstable WKKL: rocking here!
PA Mansfield WNTE: off to a good start!
IL Elmhurst WRSE: it should do well here.
NY Amherst WRUB: should chart soon.

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Nick Belardes said...

Holy crap--this is awesome