Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Latest on The Distant Fairs Recordings

This last Wednesday, September 27th, I sped up to Fresno for yet another lead vocal session at Royal Dutch. Aaron and I cranked out vox for three more songs. Here's a tantalizing snapshot of each:

"Ada" - about a 19th Century female mathematician and daughter of a famous romantic poet. The Dalloways spin her into a tragic figure. Also creatively rhymes "Ada" with "Lay-tah."

"Suffragette Chrysler" - about a militant young girl who drives really fast, refuses to ever get married, takes pills, and submerses herself deeply into zodiac and trance.

"Didn't Have the Time" - pretty much the sexiest groove we've ever recorded.

So what's the tally so far? Bass, drums, and lead vox for ten songs.

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Nick Belardes said...

Dude, this rocks. I think this CD is going to blast Penalty Crusade into a million pieces.

OK, that was harsh. I think it's going to be better though.

DO I get a shout out in a song? Sort of a ballad of Belardito? You could wear a moustache while recording it.